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Steve Roberts

Releases: All Power to The Bookshop CD

Former member of 16 Tambourines, the desire and passion for creating enchanting music

full of wit and whimsy never left Steve and nor did his audience.

Still held in high regard as a great songwriter, Steve has repaid his fans with a deep array of releases over the past decade. He is a very prolific songwriter who manages to maintain a consistent high quality through such a relentless output. 


It was this work ethic and  expansive imagination that encouraged us to contact Steve about working together, so it was with much delight and little surprise when he told us of his concept for the album he would be releasing via 9 x 9 Records. 


The album 'All Power to The Bookshop' encapsulates Steve's youthful exuberance for creating carbonated pop music. The wonder in which he writes about books and bookshops is infectious and the charm that emanates from each track is a testament to the passion he pours into them.

Steve's 16 Tambourines will be releasing their eternally awaiting sophomore record 'All Men Are Fools' on December 9th 2022.

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