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The Burning Hell

Releases: Nigel The Gannett 7"

Bursting out of a burgeoning Canadian music scene in 2006, The Burning Hell

have built their reputation on a loyal DIY ethos, consistent world touring and 

an undoubtedly intelligent approach to songwriting. 

The band's songs delve deep into literature, history and pop culture giving them not only a unique sound, but also a unique style. The tone is oft whimsical with an infectious humour.

The band are renowned for their highly entertaining and engaging live shows, and they have been guests at 81 Renshaw on several occasions. A band with an undeniable work ethic and commitment to their art.

The band will release their 9th album 'Garbage Island' in June of 2022. Earlier in the year we had the pleasure of releasing their single Nigel The Gannett on 7" as a Record Store Day exclusive. The single was complimented by a brilliant B-Side cover of Half Man Half Biscuit's 'Lark Descending'.

The Burning Hell.jpg
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