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Nick Garrie

Upcoming release: The Nightmare of J.B Stanislas 7"

He's played all over the world, toured as support to Leonard Cohen, formed a Scottish supergroup and only ever served to heighten his own sense of mystique and enigma...and he managed a ski resort in the Swiss Alps

Nick Garrie started his career out in the late 1960's, traveling across Europe, performing in bars and restaurants. He made a name for himself in France, getting signed to Parisienne label DiscAz, releasing the LP 'The Nightmare of J.B Stanislas', which feature a 56 piece symphony orchestra. 

After a turbulent time, Nick took some time away from recording, only to return under an alias, taking to write with Oscar and Golden Globe winning composer Francis Lai. His directory of heady friends only grew as he worked with Paul Samwell-Smith of The Yardbirds, Alun Davies of Cat Stevens' band, Marvel Comic writer Gerry Conway and Leonard Cohen. He grew his audience in Spain immensely before setting his sights on the UK.

Nick Hamilton as he was then known, gained some notoriety through his single 'Wheel of Fortune' and his work with Peter-John Vettesse of Jethro Tull. Not content with his renown across the UK and Europe, he took to touring Korea and Japan in the 90's before returning to France to teach...*at this point of me typing this up, I am completely enamoured with this man. What a life!

In 2005, the album, 'The Nightmare of J.B Stanislas' was rereleased, achieving critical acclaimed from lofty sources such as The Independent, BBC & Record Collector, many fascinated with the story, going as far to compare it musically to Love's 'Forever Changes'.

Nick would go on to write his 2nd studio album '49 Arlington Gardens' with a band consisting of members from Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits and respected solo artist Ally Kerr. Since that time, Nick Garrie has played all over the world, peaking as he put on a triumphant performance at Primavera, where he played 'The Nightmare of J.B Stanislas' in its entirety with Trembling Bells.

An utterly fascinating existence that only seems to go from strength to strength. We are utterly astounded and filled with pride that Nick has chosen to work with us on the vinyl rerelease of his track 'The Nightmare of J.B Stanislas' which will include a never before recorded track which fellow 9x9 member Whelligan recorded with him in 2023. 

'The Nightmare of J.B Stanislas can be preorded below;

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