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Thom Morecroft

Releases: The Beast (Live) 7" + The Feng Shui and the Sushi LP

Releases: The Feng Shui and The Sushi LP + CD
The Beast (Live) 7" Single
Upcoming Release: Waiting For Leo LP + CD 15th September 2023

Shrewsbury born, Liverpool based singer songwriter Thom Morecroft has been prolifically plying his trade for just over a decade. In that time he has released 1 x mini album, 2 x EPs and a full length LP.

Thom was the first Liverpool artist on 9 x 9 records and his addition has acted as a springboard for both artist and label, to push on with their goals of spreading top quality music to those who will listen.

Thom caught our eye and ear on the handful of occasions that he graced our stage at 81 Renshaw including a stunning set supporting Avi Buffalo. 

We can certainly expect a lot more from Thom, as he continues to build up an impressive body of working, complimented by an ever growing, loyal following. 

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