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Releases: In the Mean Meantime LP

Songwriter and singer Jamie Whelligan is a pop troubadour in the classic late 1960s mode. A busker on the London Underground, an actor in arthouse film. One of those ever present charachters who seems weirdly displaced in the modern world.


Whelligan’s songs mine that vein of melodic, psychedelic guitar pop that a certain type of English band are famous for. With songs spinning effortlessly from one genre to another, fans of XTC, Syd Barrett, and even The Rutles won’t be disappointed.


Recent years have seen Whelligan focus on a project called ‘Annexe The Moon’. A modern-psyche collaboration with award winning BBC Sound Designer/Producer Phil Channell (#1 podcast Death In Ice Valley). Their single ‘Full Stop’ was a firm favourite on BBC6 Music, with notable plays from Guy Garvey, Radcliffe and Maconie, Vic Galloway, Marc Riley and Steve Lamacq.


2021 saw the first of a new crop of Whelligan tunes, and his forthcoming album ‘In The Mean Meantime’ was released in April ‘22. Co-produced by long term collaborator Nick Frater (Big Stir Records/Great Sheiks) whose trademark sonic fairy-dust brings the magic of Whelligan’s tunes to your ears.


Sweet vocals harmonise over warm and wiry guitars, while inventive lyrics are matched with floating melodies. The album promises an enjoyable trip down a psyche-pop rabbit hole.

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