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San Lorenz

Release: A Death At Sea LP + CD

A truly beloved band on the Merseyside and beyond. Plying their searing, angular craft for a good few years and going through several stylistic mutations, San Lorenz have truly planted their flag as cult favourites of DIY music. 

Creating their spectacular, shimmering alt-pop in their own, self made studio, based in the deep reaches of Wirral, UK, it is very easy for the band to get lost in their art...and it shows. 

Passion does not quite cover what is poured into these creations. It's almost like Pete has bled onto the tracks himself, he pours his heart out so willingly in his lyrics. 

With much more to come from this exciting quartet, we are really keen to see where this partnership leads.

Released on February 24th 2023, you can pre-order 'A Death At Sea' here:

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