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Release: Everything's Wrong But It's Alright LP

Bobhowla mix a bundle of potent influences to create a vivid flurry of vibrant indie rock with a big blob of pop on top.

The band took their big step into the 9 x 9verse when they brought their long time loaded debut album 'Everything's Wrong But It's Alright' to us. We fell in love with the honesty and introspection of the record that still boasts so much hope and encouragement.

Released in the midst of lockdown and COVID heck in February 2021, the debut LP from Bobhowla perfectly sums up the uncertainty and desperate hope of recent times. 

The bands frontman has been creating these songs for years and it was the most perfectly imperfected time to release what seems like a lifes work onto the bands audience.

With years of songwriting and live music experience behind them, the band are looking to continue to develop their crafting for years to come. Expect much more of this goodness.

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