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Thom Morecroft -
Waiting For Leo

Released on: 15th September 2023
Formats: vinyl, £22.99 + CD, £10.99
Waiting for Leo - online cover JPG.jpg

It is with great pleasure and excitement that 9x9 Records brings to you, Thom Morecrofts' 2nd LP, 'Waiting For Leo'. Nearly 4 years in the making, the new LP from the spring stepped songwriter, has not lost an ounce of the verve and vigour that has brought him so much love in the past. 

'Waiting For Leo' is a positive yet complex outlook on the promise of parenthood, with all the hope and uncertainty it brings. Now a very proud father, there are clear glimpses of a maturity from the first LP but it still maintains that swooning charm and enjoyability.

It is clear that Thom's love for music has not changed since fatherhood has changed his life and his talent and knack for an instantly satisfying song has not lost a beat. 

Available on 12" Vinyl, CD and across all digital platforms.

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