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Release: We- LP + CD

North West UK's infamous elecrockprogpop experamentalists a.P.A.t.T fizz into the 9x9 Records adventure with their own brand of mad cap genre defiance.

Musics answer to putting a tube of mentos into a bottle of full fat coke, the mad professors of musics ever expanding net are set to release their first album in 6 years with ourselves. 

A performance troupe that have been in tandem since 2002 have strung together a vast back catalogue of audio and visual work. 7 studio albums, a bucket of singles, a clowns pocket full of videos and a feature length film. 

Much lauded across Europe for their eccentric live performances and complex arrangements that can leave you as puzzled as you are agape.

As described by the band themselves: "We’ is an adventurous collection of passing thoughts, barely laughable references, pop songs andsonic experiments. It’s a look at people. It’s a look within".

'We' is released on May 5th and followed by an extensive run of dates in France, the new LP has burst to life with reckless abandon. Get your copy below.

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