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Upcoming release: Legs 'LP'

Mums are set to become the first band to put out a release on

9x9 and Society of Losers. Their 2nd LP 'Legs' is set to be released on vinyl and CD on November 3rd. 

We will all be, also, working in tandem with Hex Records in the U.S. This is a very exciting release from a band that are renowned for their ENORMOUS sound. 

Their debut LP 'Land of Giants' was released to great success in 2016 on Superstar Destroyer Records. 'Legs' is a development for the band in it's style, sound and attitude. A more jovial and insouciant approach taken to the writing and recording of this record has given it a charm completely juxtaposing the might of the clamour created.

The band has a history with Society of Losers, hailing from the same town, Widnes. Playing gigs in different guises over the years and creating a bond with the label, so it's a really significant project that both labels are lucky to work on. 

You can preorder your copy below.

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