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The Room

Release: Restless Fate LP

Big in the 80's and huge in the Philippines, The Room are sealing their comeback with the release of their upcoming LP Restless Fate. 

The band have been relentlessly making music and busying themselves in band activities with various projects for well over 30 years. 

Back in the 80's they shared stages with the likes of The Birthday party, Tom Verlaine & The Fall. They wooed audiences with dreamy pop hits like 'New Dreams for Old', burning fast and bright. 

They released 2 LP's, a cassette only album and a mini album throughout the 80's and are now back with their 3rd record.

It is with great excitement that we bring you their return to the album making game.

The Room will be celebrating the launch of their LP with 2 live launches, first at Jimmys, Liverpool on January 27th with The High Rip, followed by The Castle Manchester on February 4th. 

You can get your tickets below.

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