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The DSM-iV

Release: New Age Paranoia LP + CD

Frenetic, rampant and arresting energy which translates seamlessly between the stage and their recordings, The DSM-iV have made their mark far and wide, picking up a loyal, eager following. 

Their live show has become infamous, dragging their audience on a journey through time and space, acid house and hardcore, expressionism and reckless abandon

The band have recorded their debut LP at The Albion Rooms, Margate - this came about after the band toured with The Libertines in 2019.

The outfit is the new tantalising new project of Guy McKnight of The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

The DSM-iV have released 5 singles so far and have big plans for 2023 with the release of their debut album and an armful of really strong live dates across the country. 

Released on June 9th, you can pre-order 'New Age Paranoia' here:

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