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Kelley Stoltz

Release: Crockodials LP

Born in New York City and currently residing in San Francisco, Kelley Stolz is a musos musician. A man with a storied career with releases on Third Man, Castleface and Sub Pop...and 9 x 9 Records.

Releasing his first of 18 albums over 20 years ago, the man is relentlessly prolific and his enthusiasm for musical creation never seems to wane. 

He was a regular in the days of 81 Renshaw's former guise as a cafe, bar, music venue and basement record shop. He would come in for a breakfast, peruse the records and even play a show here and there. 

Back in 2001, Kelley recorded a track by track covers album of Echo and The Bunnymens 'Crocodiles' on his 8-Track Recorder. He released it as a CD in 2006. So it made perfect sense that nearly 15 years later, upon the creation of

9 x 9 Records that we would team up with our trusty regular to give the album its first ever vinyl release.

It remains our best selling record so far.

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