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The High Rip - 
Rule of Four

Released on: 25th June 2021
Formats: vinyl, £18.99 



25/06/2021 - OUT NOW!
Translucent Green Vinyl - Limited to 150
Comes with:
4 page lyric insert
Download card

Rule of Four cover - Final.jpg

Named after the most notorious street gang of Victorian Liverpool, 'The High Rip' formed in 2017. Early gigs and rehearsal rooms were located in that gang's old stomping ground and the synchronicity was unavoidable. United by their shared love of post-punk and new wave artists, their songs combine the high drama of Joy Division and the pop sensibility of XTC. 


“This is music born out of the conflict between blue skies and the grey pavements of city life. A sound mirroring the breadth of diversity in a post-industrial world searching for meaning. The heartbeat of a people, rather than the flatliner tunes of a lost generation. This is Rock & Roll revitalised. The thoughtful lyrics and Ivan's strong vocal help bring a genuineness to each song. It's easy to see this is no throw away pop crusade. Things that are made into song are cared for, not just sang about. Their music is bigger than the band, and it stands head and shoulders above much which is offered these days.”

 - Scene and Heard

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