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Bobhowla -
Everything's Wrong,
But It's Alright

Released on: 5th February 2021
Formats: Ltd Edition (150) Transparent Blue LP with 4-page lyric sheet insert and download card, £18.99

During an unprecedented yet poignant global situation, Bobhowla’s debut album EVERYTHING’S WRONG, BUT IT’S ALRIGHT serves to soundtrack our daily challenges we all face since the start of the pandemic.


Recorded and produced by Rod Jones at Post Electric Studio, this 11 track strong collection of songs bring together a wider scope of influences than usually found in your average group’s output. Years of solo acoustic performances around the north west have honed an acoustic base into more gritted tones, alongside folk, electronica and dream-pop influences.


Of the album, singer/songwriter Howard Doupé says: “This collection of songs have been a lifetime in creation. Working with broad group of musicians has meant the final product is a multi-coloured trip through pop sensibilities tinged with elements of folk and sonic ambiance. With themes of yearning, presence, purpose, fears and the celebration of achievement, there’s an element of heart-felt honesty. Maybe the like not seen since the writings of Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison.


For the first time in years, the time is right to present these tracks as they are. The current worldwide situation has directly affected both the recording and determination to support the emergence of new artists. Particularly during the uncertainty of live performances.” Whether it’s heartache or joyous celebration the listener is looking for, the album delivers a glimpse into a world welcoming in its acceptance.

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