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9x9 Records unite with Society of Losers,
working together to bring you glorious noise

2 of Liverpools finest DIY labels unite

We have joined forces with Society of Losers to combine our minds and pool our resources going forward. 

Both labels will keep their own unique identity, but there will be a lot more crossover in the pipeline too, include the joint release of Mums' 2nd LP - Legs on October ...

Both rosters and back catalogues lead to a real depth of artists and their music. 

9x9 Records: The DSM IV, Paul Simpson, Whelligan, The Room,
16 Tambourines, San Lorenz, Kelley Stoltz, Steve Roberts,
Pete Bentham and The Dinnerladies, The High Rip, Thom Morecroft, Bobhowla, a.P.A.t.T, Novelty Island

Society of Losers: Mums, Salt the Snail, Infants, Bisch Nadar, Wife,
Dead Houses, Mr. Ted, Crapsons, AnnieMusic, Bleach Sweets, Oorya, Kin, Lennie Dies, Blanchard, Sweet Deals on Surgery

Grab yourself a copy of the first combo release,
Mums - Legs LP

Find out more about Society of Losers

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