Thom Morecroft:
The Feng Shui and The Sushi

Release Date: 06/12/19

Time Will Tell
The Least That You Can Do
Moon Moon Shake It
Waiting 'til Now

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered
‘Initial Press’ White 12” LP (100 Only)
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Barcode: 5031802062328

Limited Edition ‘Initial Press’ White 12” LP
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Cat: NXN001LPW
Barcode: 5031802062427

CD (includes bonus track)
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Cat: NXN001CD
Barcode: 5031802062526

Nine x Nine Records is pleased to announce its first release, the debut album of Liverpool based Singer/Songwriter Thom Morecroft. ‘The Feng Shui and The Sushi’ is an upbeat romp layered with eccentric, cryptic lyrics yet peppered with need, bleakness and the occasional darker theme. This is an album focused on the concept of release; confessional, renouncing, wishing and always cathartic; an examination of past and the desperate attempt to make up for the unsaid.

The album features a hand-picked lineup of incredible musicians recorded live in a rustic studio, lending to the immediate feel of the songs: all fantastically bookending Morecroft’s husky soulful voice and distinctive finger picked guitar.

From ‘You Can Lay’ a swirling epic Anglo-Americana, to the surf-tinged indie rock of ‘Picture in the Sun’; right down to ‘I’ve Made Room’ and its melancholic, reflective shoegazing: this is a joyous, accomplished and intense debut-proper from a young artist.

“Cheering and addictive.” Paul Du Noyer (Founding Editor of Mojo and Word Magazine)
“Leaving you reaching for the replay button.” Tom Robinson (BBC6 Music)

Track Listing:
(1) You Can Lay (2) Pictures In The Sun (3) I’ve Made Room (4) Time Will Tell (5) The Least That You Can Do (6) Moon Moon Shake It (7) Now I’ve Opened The Door (8) Waiting ‘til Now (9) Oh Rocko (10) Haytide (11) Wrote My Dad A Song (12) The French Girl (CD only) (13) Give Me a Why (CD Only)